Main Points To Raise In A Research Paper About Global Warming

Global warming debate has split scientists into supporters and opposition. This makes the topic an incredible consideration when thinking of how to write a research paper on global warming. It gives you an opportunity to lean on either side of the debate and gather facts to support deny the existing positions.

The topic you choose for your paper has a bearing on the reception you get and perception in the mind of a reader once he or she lays hand on your paper. As such, it must meet the criteria of a strong and captivating topic. Here is a checklist for the topic you choose.

  • Is it fresh?
  • global warming debate has been running for several decades now. A lot of discussions have been held over the issue. Will you be introducing a new line of argument or just taking the readers through the mundane debates already in the public. Look at a new twist that would make your paper interesting to a reader who has interacted extensively with materials on global warming.

  • Relevance
  • global warming can be discussed from several fronts including policy, technology, industrialization, politics, agriculture, etc. The responsibility is on you to identify a topic that is within your discipline or unit of study. You also need to add value to the debate by choosing a topic that is within your academic scope or grade. Check recommendations by researchers and news items for fresh and relevant ideas.

  • Interesting
  • a reader will only spend time on a script if it is interesting to read. This is only achievable with a captivating topic that is well phrased. Choose words wisely and let them evoke curiosity.

Here are examples of topics you can explore on global warming.

  1. Is global warming a hoax
  2. Can human beings alter the course of nature
  3. Political hindrances that are interfering with global warming interventions
  4. The place of technology in averting global warming led crisis
  5. The effect of global warming on food security
  6. Global warming and its relationship to international security
  7. Ethics in accepting and denying global warming
  8. Population distribution and the contribution of global warming
  9. Global warming and the future of Industrialization
  10. Energy sourcing and reversal of global warming trends

Choosing a topic for your paper is one of the most challenging engagements. With an example of research paper on global warming, it will be easier to follow the requirements and thus produce a quality paper. Consult your tutor when choosing a topic for your paper or consider ordering a custom research paper online.