A Collection Of Captivating Research Paper Topics For US History

The history of US is very rich and thus presents numerous ideas for academic writing. It has also been studied for years which make it challenging to get interesting study topics. However, there still are interesting areas that are yet to be explored and should be considered for your paper.

The challenge with choosing good research paper topics for history is fulfilling the requirements set by expert academicians. Here are some of the requirement you should consider for your topic:

  • Specific – this means a topic that sets boundaries on the areas to be covered. For instance, if you are focusing on history of military action, you specify between one year and another, e.g. 1960-2000. If a reader is looking for information on any other period, he will skip your paper. Being specific also means that the expectations a reader develops on seeing your title will be met.
  • Captivating – no reader wants to waste time on a boring paper. The topic should endeavor to explore an interesting area. Interest will be determined by the relevance of your topic. A topic that addresses history of US using a fresh and unique perspective will always be interesting to read. Use words wisely to make your title more attractive and interesting to read.
  • Relevant – there are different research paper topics in history for different grades and academic levels. A paper for high school or college will differ from that of dissertation level. You need to make the appropriate choice considering the academic expectations of your level of study.

Here are excellent topics on history of US to consider for your paper.

  1. The place of agrarian revolution in the current economic dominance of US states.
  2. Lessons on militarization from American civil war.
  3. The place of women in the history of American industrialization.
  4. Slave trade and its contribution to the American history.
  5. How the rail network transformed US industries.
  6. Oil and its contribution to American dominance.
  7. Lessons from American involvement in world wars.
  8. History of space exploration in America.
  9. Super Bowl and its contribution in nationalism.
  10. The history of soccer in America.
  11. The contribution of technology in preservation of historic sites.

While almost all of the above topics have been studied in the past, they still form a perfect basis for a captivating paper. It is upon a writer to find a captivating edge or perspective for his paper. Good research paper topics for history require creativity and a new twist.